Sustainability and great customer service are our core values. Our mission is to make a positive impact to the environment as well as the lives of our "speedy women" - be it customers, seamstresses or our own team. Eco-friendly thinking goes through all our processes from recycled packaging materials to office electricity and on-demand production. Below you can find more information on our main sustainability topics:

100% carbon neutral company

Vestiarium wants to be an industry leader when it comes to sustainability and therefore we compensate for all our company’s carbon emissions starting from the year 2019.

Eco-friendly fabrics

High quality fabrics are the starting point in our design process. We demand a lot from our fabrics: in addition to looking and feeling great they also need to be eco-friendly, durable, easy to care for and, if only possible, made nearby in Finland or in Europe. 

Local production, on demand

All Vestiarium's products are manufactured locally in small, family-owned companies and each garment is signed by the person who made it. Our production is partly based on an "on-demand" basis to offer a wider range of options and to avoid unnecessary use of natural resources.

Timeless design & slow fashion

Slow fashion for speedy women - that's our design philosophy. To design garments that have a timeless aesthetic so that they can be worn time and time again. But timeless doesn't mean boring or excessively simple - it's a perfect balance of minimalism and interesting details, cuts and surfaces.

Sustainability checklist

Making sustainable choices should be made easier for the consumers. This is why we developed the sustainable checklist: a simple list for checking quickly the main details regarding a garment's sustainability.

Rental & testing

What if you could wear a garment for a week before deciding if you want to buy it (or not)?
We have launched our rental service in order to serve you, our customers, even better and to help you make better choices.