eco-friendly fabrics

High quality fabrics are the starting point in our design process. We demand a lot from our fabrics: in addition to looking and feeling great they also need to be eco-friendly, durable, easy to care for and, if only possible, made nearby in Finland or in Europe. Each season we strive to do better and better, in order to introduce to you the best materials available.
We have listed our main fabrics here, to help you get a comprehensive idea of our material palette:

Stavanger merino shirt, fabric made in Finland, mulesing-free

organic cotton jersey

Composition: 100% organic cotton
Made in: Finland
Certificate: Oeko-Tex (production in Finland), GOTS (yarn)

The cotton is grown in India, spun into yarn in Turkey and dyed in Germany. The jersey has a very beautiful surface and it falls beautifully.

Designer's comment: "It's interesting how this fabric doesn't exactly look like jersey or cotton from a distance, it looks almost like a metallic, slightly shimmering fibre but it's actually 100% natural - the knitted colouring does the trick."

Greenwich wrap dress, lyocell sustainable

linen - cotton

Composition: 55% linen, 45% cotton
Made in: China

Linen is a very eco-friendly fibre, and mixed with cotton it becomes very versatile and beautiful. Navy blue and white yarns are woven together to create very narrow stripes and a stunning greyish blue colouring.

Designer's comment: "The appearance of this fabric is very "zen-like". It's a beautiful natural fabric that is both office-savvy yet relaxed."

Stavanger merino shirt, fabric made in Finland, mulesing-free

merino wool jersey

Composition: 100% merino wool
Made in: Finland
Certificate: Oeko-Tex

The wool comes from South Africa, the yarn is made in Romania. It's also mulesing-free.
The jersey is very stretching and falls beautifully.

Designer's comment: "I've never touched a softer wool fabric. It feels like a warm hug on a cold winter's night."

Greenwich wrap dress, lyocell sustainable

woven lyocell (tencel)

Composition: 100% lyocell (tencel)
Made in: China

Lyocell has an eco-friendly manufacturing process and being made from cellulose, it's biodegradable. This fabric falls beautifully and keeps its measurements very well in the washes.

Designer's comment: "Lyocell is very sustainable and lovely to wear. I hope that one day I'll find an alternative that would be as great as this one AND made locally."

Boston blazer and Kensington long trousers, machine-washable wool made in Italy

superfine woven wool

Composition: 100% wool
Made in: Italy
Certificate: FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)

The fabric is woven in Italy and the wool comes from Australia. It comes from different farms, part of them are mulesing-free and part of them not, but more and more farms are becoming mulesing-free over time. The next production batch will be completely mulesing-free. The fabric has a very beautifully shimmering surface and is very easy to care for.

Designer's comment: "This is our whole team's favourite, we call it "miracle wool" as it's 100% wool, machine washable and simply perfect for so many garments!"

Seoul dress tencel jersey made in Finland

Tencel jersey

Composition: 96% tencel 4% elastane
Made in: Finland
Certificate: Oeko-Tex

Tencel (lyocell) has an eco-friendly manufacturing process and being made from cellulose, it's biodegradable. Tencel jersey is very comfortable, versatile, durable and easy to care for. 

Designer's comment: "Tencel jersey garments are true wardrobe staples that you can wear throughout the year. Jersey dresses are super easy to dress up or down for different occasions."

Antwerp tee dress, cotton made in Europe

woven cotton

Composition: 100% cotton
Made in: Austria

This cotton fabric has a beautiful woven structure that creates the black & white colouring. It's heavy but soft and falls really well - quite an unusual combination that makes it a great choice for many types of garments. 

Designer's comment: "You don't often find fabrics that are this comfortable, elegant and wrinkle-free, at the same time!"