Soul-sisters Vestiarium and LUMI team up against throwaway culture.

This autumn Vestiarium and LUMI collaborate on a joint social media campaign against throwaway culture. The “soul sisters” share similar values in sustainability and strive to make fashion and designs that are timeless and fresh after years to come. The sustainable fashion ideology is very central to both brands’ story, and finding synergies that complement each other are in the core of the collaboration.

Soul Sisters

Sisters against throwaway culture

Both brands flag for a well planned and built wardrobe that is versatile for work and play. A wardrobe that has so little to do with fashion and so much to do with interesting design that it looks fresh still after years. A wardrobe that is functional and skilfully produced by professionals with so much love that it makes one feel good.

Consume less and better

Vestiarium and LUMI urge you to only buy pieces you love 100%, and think of fashion as an investment. Be selective, choose better, and invest in quality and durability. Your perfect wardrobe will be built step by step. When you love it, you’ll keep it – and wear it for years, instead of just a season.

Join the movement!

Enter to win a 150€ gift card to both LUMI and Vestiarium towards your perfect timeless wardrobe. See instructions on facebook!


Vestiarium | Finnish womenswear brand offering ‘slow fashion for speedy women’. Celebrating and supporting modern, conscious, design-driven women to achieve their purposes of life. Gradually evolving collection with sustainable styles, local production with each piece signed by the very person who made it. High-quality, mainly European natural materials.

LUMI | Finland’s leading premium accessories brand – designing clean, pure and timeless leather accessories for both women and men. LUMI products are sustainable and eco-friendly with over 65% of the products made in vegetable-tanned leather.