Vestiarium Women

Maria Mäkynen is an active person involved in education, politics, different associations and academic research. 

Salla Siukonen is a junior high-school teacher for both native and non-native Finnish speakers. In addition, she’s a partner at a craft beer company One Pint Pub, an advocate of two under-aged immigrants from war areas, and a mother of three.

Johanna Småros is a co-founder and CMO of Relex Solutions. The company provides groundbreaking retail and supply chain planning software that reduces inventories and waste and improves sales. Johanna is the mother of 1.5-year-old Siri and is an occasional kickboxer.

Mari Mohsen is Attorney-at-Law and Partner at Roihu Attorneys Ltd. Roihu is a law firm with strong specialization in the field of employment and labor law. Mari is enthusiastic about HR related questions, she enjoys being surrounded with a topic that really concerns people in their daily lives. 

Laura Pietiläinen is a Dancer, Choreographer and most of all, she is a Performer. She lives to stay true to herself and wants to perform at international stages. Laura aims at producing comprehensive shows and recently, she even created a perfume for her show ‘Michaela – The Queen of Fucking Everything’.