Vestiarium is all about making dressing well easy, enjoyable and ethical. A carefully designed collection is a good start, but not enough for us. We believe it needs to be complemented with great service to support memorable encounterings between our clients and garments. Encounterings where long relationships are born – at the first sight or after careful consideration. Hence, we combined shopping and experiences and created Vestiarium Shoperiences to offer new, unique ways to get to know and shop the collection in an enjoyable way.

Should you be more interested in shopping online, please visit the Collection section or if you prefer to visit a physical shop, you can find the list of our retailers in the Stockists section!


Invite a group of friends, colleagues or football team members to shop with you in a chosen location at a chosen time. Be it your home, your office or our store Liike outside the opening hours – wherever it feels like fun and easy. We will come with the collection, present it to you and let you try out everything with no rush, accompanied by some refreshments. You can shop garments during the event or if some changes or tailoring is needed, the pieces will be delivered to you afterwards. This can be a fun night among the best girlfriends or an efficient session at the office saving you from finding specific time for shopping.


Almost like a personal shopper. Make a booking and we’ll come: tell us your typical size and specific needs and wishes, if any. We will deliver the collection to you and present it – at your home, office, hotel room or our store Liike outside the opening hours. Wherever it suits you best. You can try out everything with no rush nor stress. And make sure that the new garments match with your existing ones and are exactly the ones you need for perfecting your wardrobe. And if needed, agree some changes or tailoring to ensure a perfect fit.


A special person deserves something truly special on her big day. And when it’s about the most special person, you also don’t want to take the risk of going wrong. Shoperience is a perfect gift for your chosen one for Christmas, birthday, Valentine’s or Mother’s day. Or for one of your best friends or colleagues from the whole gang on a special day. Bring the Celebrity to the agreed place, let her familiarize herself with the collection, and choose the one(s) to take with her or to be delivered to her afterwards. We’ll make sure we treat her like a star!


If you are a group of 6 or above, the services are available with no minimum purchase commitment. For 1-6 participants, Shoperiences are available with a gift card purchase: 150€ at Liike outside the opening hours, 300€ at any other location in Helsinki or the capital area.

Ask for Shoperience as a recurring service to get each new collection presented for you once available. This service will be tailored for each client's individual needs and preferences – can be a physical visit or shipping the clothes for you to try them at home.

Please let us know if you wish to have Shoperiences available in another city or country, or you have other wishes as a Shoperience that we didn’t yet come up with. We’re constantly developing our services to truly achieve our goal of making dressing well easy and enjoyable for you.

For your Shoperience booking (minimum 1 week in advance) and enquiries, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. // 050 365 3329


Shoperience Organizer - could it be you? Click here to read more!

  • Are you passionate about interesting, unique design?
  • Do you feel it's time to renew the fashion business towards a more sustainable direction?
  • Do you believe in superior and personal customer service?
  • Are you a social person with an existing network or a capability to build a network of Vestiarium fans?
  • Would you like to do something entrepreneurial without taking big financial risks?

Vestiarium Shoperience Organizer is an independent entrepreneur who makes dressing well easy, experiential and ethical for her or his clients. The ways of servicing the clients are multiple and you can build a combination that suits you best as well as decide how much time you dedicate for Vestiarium:

  • Home Shoperiences
  • Office/team etc. community Shoperiences
  • Personal Shoperiences
  • Home boutiques or pop-ups
  • Pop-ups in external events or even shop-in-shops.

If yes, please contact us to join as a Vestiarium Shoperience Organizer: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. // 050 365 3329