our story

Vestiarium means wardrobe for latin.

It all started when we, Camilla Mikama and Tiina Tissari met in the autumn of 2014. Very soon we noticed that we had similar views and ambitions - to create a company focused on making dressing well - and in a sustainable way - easier and more fun. We wanted to build the collection around the idea of a perfect wardrobe that you would build over the years. It would consist of perfect, versatile pieces made from the best, sustainable fabrics, and we would produce everything nearby so that we would truly know who makes our garments. 

Tiina's background was in the technology business, she had been working with Microsoft for several years together with Annemari Mölsä, who joined us in 2015. Camilla had been designing her namesake collection and freelance projects since 2009, and actually Vestiarium was built on top of it as a re-branding project. This is why some of our pieces, like the Marais dress for example, have been in the collection since 2009/2010, even though Vestiarium was launched in 2016.

In the photo below you can see us posing in front of our first shop, which was opened in 2016 in the Kämp Galleria, Helsinki. Since then we've moved the shop to various locations - because of several renovation projects - and at the moment you can find us located in Uudenmaankatu 13 - hope to see you there!

- Camilla, Tiina & Annemari

Uudenmaankatu 13
00120 Helsinki

+358 45 210 1435
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Opening hours:
Tue-Fri    12 - 18
Sat           12 - 16