timeless design & slow fashion

Slow fashion for speedy women - that's our design philosophy. To design garments that have a timeless aesthetic so that they can be worn time and time again, dressed up or down for many occasions. Timeless design doesn't mean boring or excessively simple - it's a perfect balance of minimalism and interesting details, cuts and surfaces. It's the result of being able to create a signature style, to design garments more like design furniture rather than trendy items that are not intended to be used for a long time.

"It's amazing how you are able to create something new with the designs and patterns. If you look at the Kensington long trousers or the Seattle shirt, you can see that the designer has realized that the small details and cuts make a garment both interesting and timeless. It makes me so very happy - wearing Vestiarium's clothes makes me feel dignified." (Saija T.-P.)

Slow fashion also means that most of the pieces in our collection will continue from season to another, and we also have two seasons in a year - spring/summer and autumn/winter. Each season we introduce new styles, fabrics and colours, so we constantly keep evolving, but on a much slower pace. Rather than pushing out new styles each week we prefer to take the time for the design process, to find the best fabrics, to listen to our customers' needs and to tweak the fit of the garment.

The pieces in our collection don't get out-dated and we NEVER dispose of old stock by destroying or throwing them away. Because of our slow fashion philosophy we don't hold big seasonal sales. Instead, we like to reward our loyal customers - our Speedy Women - with great continuous benefits.
(You can read more about our Speedy Women's Club here.)