local production, on demand

All Vestiarium's products are manufactured locally in small, family-owned companies. The knitwear, such as our popular mohair accessories, are made in Tuusula, which is located in the southern Finland. All other garments are made in Tallinn, Estonia. We have worked with both companies for several years and visited them several times.


Our production is partly based on an "on-demand" basis, which means that we only have a small stock, but it's re-stocked and updated weekly. This enables us to produce only what our customers want and need, to avoid unnecessary use of natural resources. And it also gives our customers a wider range of colour and fabric options as well as the possibility to make measurement changes without extra costs. You can read more about our Measurement alteration service here.


This is the question asked each April during the yearly Fashion Revolution event, which was born from the need to ensure better working conditions in the global fashion industry. But we ask the same question every day - each of our garments is signed by the person who made it, so we truly know who made our clothes. Regarding the knitwear, so many persons are involved in the process that it's impossible to name just one person - but in a small company with a long history and several generations, they know their team well.