rental & testing service

If you only need a garment for one special occasion, it's more environmentally friendly to rent it rather than buy it.

We have launched our rental service in order to serve you, our customers, even better and to help you make better choices. The rental selection contains a bit more special pieces for special occasions, be it an important meeting, public speech, job interiew, photo shoot, cocktail party - you'll find great choices for many occasions and the selection will be further broadened accroding to the feedback and wishlists given by all of you.

Want to avoid making bad purchase decisions? The rental service is also a great option if you want to test a garment before deciding if you want to buy it or not. After the rental period, when you bring the garment back, if you wish to buy a new piece, the rental fee will be reduced from the new garment's price.

What if you could wear
a garment for a week
before deciding to
buy it (or not)?


1) You choose which piece you want to rent - you can see the selection with rental prices below, and you'll find them in our shop in Helsinki. Contact us in advance if you wish to check availabilities - we can reserve the piece for you for maximum 3 days.

2) Pick up the garment in our shop and pay for the rental fee - you can choose to rent for 5 or 10 days (or ask for longer periods if needed).

3) At the end of the rental period, return the garment to our shop, washed and ironed - as it was when you picked it up. If you don't want to do the laundry, you can leave it to us and pay an extra 25€ / 35€ (35 for dry clean items, 25€ for others). Most of our garments can be machine washed (only Montmartre isn't), so it's easy to do it at home.

4) Want to own the rented garment? When returning the garment, you can choose to buy a new piece - the rental fee will be reduced from its price!

(5 days / 10 days)

Did you know that members of our Speedy Women's Club get one free rental per each 500€ they've spent on our collection (in addition to other benefits)?

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