100% carbon neutral company

Vestiarium wants to be an industry leader when it comes to sustainability and therefore we compensate for all our company’s carbon emissions starting from the year 2019. We compensate for all our operations from produced garments to packaging, logistics and office heating.

This is done in co-operation with the company Planet Loves Trees (Aritzon Oy). They calculate our emissions and add a safety margin to over-compensate, and based on the calculations they plant the required number of trees in Arusha, Tanzania.

“We have consulted a local forestry institute when choosing the species of trees and we have also bought the trees from their plant nursery. The institute has a long history in development co-operation with Finland and Sweden.

The species we are planting is Acrocarpus fraxinifolius. It’s a tree that spreads its roots wide and so it holds the soil well. It also grows fast in the Tanzanian climate, absorbing carbon dioxide in a very efficient manner. Within 12 months the tree may grow even three meters and full-grown it’s approximately 30 meters high.

This species is also very good combined with agriculture, as other plants can be grown beneath it. The tree gives shelter and shade under the tropical sun while maintaining a better micro climate for plants. It also blossoms, giving nutrition to bees and insects.” (Planet loves trees)

Vestiarium’s carbon footprint for 2020 was approximately 2.2134 tCO2. In order to compensate for the emissions 10 trees were planted in Arusha, Tanzania.